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Calculating Work

by fubag
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Oct13-07, 05:40 PM
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Calculate the work (in joules) required to pump all of the water out of tank. Assume that the tank is full, distances are in meters, and the density of water is 1,000 kg/m^3.

The conical tank (pointing downwards) has water exiting a spout feet above the tank. Find the work down in removing the water. Radius of tank = 5 meters, height = 10 meters, and then spout is 2 meters above this.

Well, I am not sure how to start this.

How can I find the volume of a slice? I also noticed that we have enough information to just solve for the Volume of the cone = 1/3pir^2h= 250pi/3.

If Work = Force * distance.

Force = g*density*volume
so can I just plug it in here?

F = (9.8)(1000)(250pi/3)

And then distance it needs to travel is 12 feet? 10 to go to the top of the conical tank, and plus 2 to exit the spout?

I am not sure, any help will be deeply appreciated.
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