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Northwestern arrogance

by ab77
Tags: arrogance, northwestern
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Jan7-08, 10:22 AM
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Here's the link.

An extract

"...It just so happens that Northwestern University is unquestionably the best school in the Big Ten. After looking at virtually every other university in every other league (aside from one that no longer holds the prestige it once did), I will be so bold to claim that we are probably the greatest university among the lot of them, far superior to Ohio or UVA. It isn't even debatable. We're the best..."

"...See, if we allow the state schoolers even a momentary glimpse of equality, stability of society is jeopardized. Who will valet park our cars? Who shall screw up my order at Burger King? Someone has to shine my shoes, deliver my pizza, and hold the target for archery practice during vacation at the summerhouse. If you do not whip your future employees into line now, it is inevitable that they will eventually start insisting upon "minimum wage," "bathroom breaks," "humane treatment," among other ridiculous demands. At such time, you will have no means to dispose of them besides threatening to eat their children. My palette does not fancy the taste of poor kids..."

I'm glad I didn't attend Northwestern.
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Jan7-08, 11:31 AM
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meh stuff like that crops up at every school every year (except maybe not abou pride)

ususally the articles are written in a silly manner which emphasizes the lack of meaning, I remember we actually had a serious editorial last semester (at UMASS) where an ROTC kid was complaining about how many people went barefoot to class.
Jan7-08, 11:46 AM
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sounds partly tongue-in-cheek.

Made me chuckle

Jan7-08, 02:51 PM
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Northwestern arrogance

What bestows upon us the right to be pretentious, arrogant, and every other version of pompous that state schoolers missed on the SAT? Consult the numbers. Northwestern is ranked #10, the nearest public school is Berkley at #20. Does that mean we are twice as good as Berkley? No, of course not. It means we are three times as good
These guys are really funny
Jan7-08, 07:58 PM
P: 234
"I admire NU. My dearest friend graduated from Northwestern. I went to Duke in NC. My background most likely do not parallel that of the person who wrote the lengthy hymm of NU. Both me and my friend were refugees to this country as young men. We did not had parents who were educated enough to help prepare us for the rigor for these universities, however we'd determined that success is a choice. We hustled and did fairly well for our lives. You can say we are successful, and we enjoy helping those who helped us along the journey. But one thing we will never give up, our humility.
I am sure Abner and the boy wonder are trying to have some fun. I have no doubt that these gentlepeople can win th Peace Prize for literature.
But the road get to there would require these wonderful writers to pick other topics besides the youthful pieces. Write about other things besides yourselves.
By the way I have not met my sister, she was born after I left because of the Vietnam War. I can't wait to meet her. I have seen pictures, she is a beautiful young woman of 25.
There are other things in life then your precious status. Peace."

I like this guys reply.
Jan8-08, 06:20 PM
P: 600
The article ends:
Now if you will excuse me, I have to go beat up some under-privileged schoolchildren with a rolled up J. Crew catalog.
I think it's more than partly tongue-in-cheek...

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