China's Three Gorges Dam: An Environmental Catastrophe?

by Ivan Seeking
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Ivan Seeking
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Mar28-08, 02:44 AM
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SHANGHAI—For over three decades, the Chinese government has dismissed warnings from scientists and environmentalists that its Three Gorges Dam—the world's largest—had the potential of becoming one of China's biggest environmental nightmares. But last fall, denial suddenly gave way to reluctant acceptance that the naysayers were right. Chinese officials staged a sudden about-face, acknowledging for the first time that the massive hydroelectric dam, sandwiched between breathtaking cliffs on the Yangtze River in central China, may be triggering landslides, altering entire ecosystems and causing other serious environmental problems—and, by extension, endangering the millions who live in its shadow. [continued]
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Mar28-08, 08:48 AM
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Brilliant! I love these large-scale experimental facilities

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