Nuclear Reactor

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Apr16-11, 01:55 PM
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also, look at table of isotopes for Chernobyl here:
look what fraction was NOT released. And would have been released if the molten fuel was thrown with an explosion, turning it into tiny droplets. Hell, there's no good assessment for health effect of inhaling such particle. What if it sits inside lung, and causes a tiny tiny constant radiation burn that is constantly being healed. A lot of cell divisions, of irradiated cells, plus the autopsy after death from cancer can reveal the fuel particle that caused it. No denying the cause of death with such. With the usual cancers, you can bs about hormesis, you can link to health studies performed in third world, you can play an advocate and try to apply 'innocent until proven guilty' to your defendant, the radiation. With fuel dust, you can't deny it so easily and it very obviously doesn't dilute, just like bullet in russian roulette doesn't dilute over the chambers of revolver.

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