Query about Lande-type G-Factors in relation to potential energy

by Jay R. Yablon
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Jay R. Yablon
May6-08, 05:00 AM
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I have a query about the "g-factors" which are related to the magnetic
moments of an electron.

In a Wiki article at:


it is clear that these g-factors are a function of both orbital and spin
angular momentum, and so, if an electron has a given non-zero orbital
angular momentum, its g-factor will be different than when it has only
its intrinsic spin and its orbital number L=0.

My question is this:

When an electron is placed in an external potential V, whether of a
proton, or applied in a lab, or whatnot, or when the electron's energy
quantum number n=1,2,3,4... is changed, *is there any change in the
g-factor as well*?

In different terms, does the energy, from whatever source, affect the
g-factor, just as the orbital angular momentum affects the g-factor?
Or, is the g-factor energy-independent?

Any references on this topic would be appreciated as well.


Jay R. Yablon
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