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Very very basic action scripting

by brandy
Tags: action, basic, scripting
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May16-08, 02:18 AM
P: 162
i know very limited action script but i need to make this game using macromedia flash for my computer studies class. its a gay idea i know but a little grade 2'er had to select people from my class to make them a game according to their specifications, mine happened to be a very girly girl. anyway you click on the butterfly with the mouse to catch it with a net. you have to catch as many before the timer runs out. iv figured out the code for scoring and have got the basic idea for the butterflys. i plan on using the math.random function to randomise the appearance of butterflys but i need a little help with translating the number into a position. I also need help with changing the mouse into a net on screen.

so in summary

problem 1: Utilising the math.random function to randomise appearance of the butterflies. like a timed one.

problem 2: how would i change the mouse to appear on the screen as a net that i drew on flash?

problem 3: what would be the code for changing the frames rate

any help is appreciated.d
please and thank you :P
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