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Make Heap Best Case

by khdani
Tags: case, heap
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May23-08, 07:23 AM
P: 55
I don't understand the proof of best case for Make Heap algorithm.

The Algorithm is:
for i= [tex]\left\lfloor n/2 \right\rfloor[/tex] to 1
while the procedure Sift_Down is:
j=k; if 2j [tex]\leq[/tex] n and M[2j] > M[k] then k=2j; if 2j < n and M[2j+1] > M[k] then k=2j+1; Exchange M[k] and M[j]
until k = j;
the proof for the best case goes like this:
t(n) <= 2*2[tex]^{0}[/tex] + 2*2[tex]^{1}[/tex] + ... + 2*2[tex]^{k-2}[/tex]

so why not until 2[tex]^{k-1}[/tex], in Make_Heap procedure it iterates till the root ?
and why every term is multiplied by 2 ?

Thank You
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