Friction between rotating objects

by Telanor
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Jun9-08, 02:22 AM
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In physics, we learned about friction between one object sliding across another, but when we got to torque and angular velocity, etc, there was never any mention of how to calculate friction between 2 objects rotating in place. Say you have a plate on top of a table and it is rotating about the center of the plate. How would you calculate the friction between the plate and the table if the coefficient of friction is known?
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Jun9-08, 05:16 AM
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change to spherical coordinates and integrate over the surface.
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Jun9-08, 07:09 AM
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Quote Quote by malawi_glenn View Post
change to spherical coordinates and integrate over the surface.
Yes specifically, if you divide the plate into concentric ring-shaped bits, each bit of length 2πa will have the same behaviour under friction as a straight rod of the same mass and of length 2πa.

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Jun10-08, 12:00 AM
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Friction between rotating objects

Thank you guys for your help. Im going to see if I can figure out this problem I was working on now

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