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May5-04, 07:52 PM
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Problem 1. A 5.00-kg block free to move on a horizontal, frictionless surface is attached to one end of a light horizontal spring. The other end of the spring is held fixed. The spring is compressed 0.100m from equilibrium and released. The speed of the block is 1.20m/s when it passes the equilibrium position of the spring. The same experiment is now repeated with the frictionless surface replaced by a surface for which the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.300. Determine the speed of the block at the eqilibrium position of the spring.

The second problem I have is: The reel has radius R and moment of inertia I. One end is connected to a spring of force constant k, and the other end is fastened to a cord wrapped around the reel. The reel axle and the incline are frictionless. The reel is wound counterclockwise so that the spring stretches a distance d from its unstretched position and is then released from rest. Find the angular speed of the reel when the spring is again unstretched.
If someone could be help me I would really appreciate it
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May5-04, 09:13 PM
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Don't post the same question several times. (It confuses us.)

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