Mahjong patience

by wolram
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Jul9-08, 12:30 AM
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There is no way the tiles come out randomly, and i am sure not every game is winable, heck i have been wiped out after only ten moves or so, and the worst is when two tiles are left both the same one on top of tother.
They are all winable, it's the stacking rules that make this so.
I've tried the Vista version.
Vista, being what it is, seems to have lost my stats for it, since I last played a few months ago.

I had one game that I was thinking was a Vista bug and unsolvable.
Figured it out eventually, but it took a long time.
I kept trying because I could see there was a solution if I could just remove the rest of the tiles without making some obvious moves.

Not a bad time killer if you have to just sit there for hours, with no comm link, waiting for a process to complete.
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Jul9-08, 01:26 AM
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I have become addicted to it, while my internet is down, so far i have a 25% success rate,
the thing is the last dozen or so tiles, the game says there is one move left, but i can look for ages and not spot it, in the end i go for (hint) when it shows where the match is it is so obvious, is it common to have a (blind spot) like this?
I do the same thing when my internet is done. I have a ~40& success rate.
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Jul9-08, 01:24 PM
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I do the same thing when my internet is done. I have a ~40& success rate.
40%, HUMMMM, I am sure Vista only gives me the hard games, either that or it can not do %s.
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Jul9-08, 04:27 PM
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I played Mah Jong with three others on Saturday; we played a full game (i.e, four winds), lasting from 1pm to 9pm. That was rather a short session.

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