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Crumple zone using paper

by icemole
Tags: crumple, paper, zone
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Jul22-08, 03:05 AM
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i have to build a crumple zone using paper. a metal ball is to be placed on top of a magnet which is also on top of a trolley and none of the paper can touch the ball. the trolley is like a small tray on wheels, about 30cm long, 10cm wide and about 15 cm high.

i still go to high school and i am a beginner at physics, none of the formula's are much meaning to me lol but i do know the general idea(i think =S)

lets just say that they told me this once and i did not take it all in.

some ideas that i thought of were:

1. making cone shapes with the pieces of paper and putting enough cones at the point of impact so its not a too abrupt stop.
2. making strips of paper. getting 2 strips and cross them over each other until it makes a sort of sturdy spring when stretched out. If paper is not a limited factor i may make alot of the springs and put them side on making a wall sort of crumple zone.
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