Why Does My Computer Mouse Do This?!

by LightbulbSun
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Jul24-08, 11:51 PM
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It seems like every summer my computer mouse will stall every five seconds, then when I move the mouse off the mouse pad and move it around the mouse on the screen will start to function again. Then it will stall off the mouse pad, so I have to move it back on the mouse pad to make it work again. That's not the only issue though. Every now and then when I click on something it won't do anything, so I have to click on it several times before it starts functioning again. I'm not sure why this only happens during the summer time, but it is very frustrating.
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Daniel Y.
Jul25-08, 12:06 AM
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Get a new mouse.
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Jul25-08, 12:39 AM
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Is it wired or wireless?

B. Elliott
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Jul25-08, 03:45 AM
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Why Does My Computer Mouse Do This?!

Sounds like it's probably a wireless mouse. If it is, try moving the receiver/transmitter closer to the mouse and see if the problem stops. I've run into a few keyboards and mice that don't respond very well, where every so often you have to hit a button twice to get it to register. Made editing long paragraphs really fun.
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Jul25-08, 12:23 PM
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Ok, the receiver/transmitter was sliding away a bit so I moved it directly under my mouse. I'll see how this goes.

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