Marijuana Overdose...

by TheStatutoryApe
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Aug16-09, 05:01 PM
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While it may not be an overdose in the sense that it is potentially fatal
Too bad, it would get rid of a lot of as*****s who enrich the drug dealers.
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Aug17-09, 03:50 AM
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i've never heard of a MJ overdose...i've had bad experiences with laced stuff and mixing it with the wrong things, but no ODing...i always thought you'd get sick from the smoke and lack of oxygen before you'd OD on THC.

and i've never heard it's stronger when you eat it...i've eaten it and it had a weaker affect on me than when i smoke it. even when i kept going back to the wrong brownies, lol.
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Aug20-09, 07:51 PM
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