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Abb rapid programming help

by M.Pesh
Tags: programming, rapid
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Sep30-08, 08:46 AM
P: 12

I'm new rapid programing. I currently have an laser engraver mounted to a LRB 2400 with an s4 controller. I have the robot inter-phased to the laser engraver via I/O signals. After every layer the laser lases I'd like to lower the engraver head linearly in the Z direction. The problem I'm having is, I cannot seem to find away to lower the head from it current position. I'd like to make my robot target command variable. (I.e P1, P2, ...)

Is there a way to make a command like:

MoveLOffst(currentPosition,0,0,-5) (this command won't work of course, but I'm trying to feather explain my problem)

Any help would be appreciated


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