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Kinetic energy in rotating objects.

by Duely Cack
Tags: diameter, kinetic energy, math, rotation
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Duely Cack
Oct13-08, 10:18 PM
P: 7
1. A 75-g phonograph album of 30-cm diameter spins at 33.3 rpm. What is its kinetic energy?

2. 1/2mv2

3. well i think that kinetic energy is 1/2mv2 so is it like that but instead of v you put in the 33.3 rpm. like 1/2(75)(33.3)2 maybe?
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Oct13-08, 10:22 PM
P: 328
[tex] K_e = \frac{1}{2}I\omega^2 [/tex]

You have to use omega as radians per second, mass has to be in kilograms.

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