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Speed of sound in a gas mixture

by Rick4
Tags: mixture, sound, speed
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Oct16-08, 03:22 PM
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In a mixture of argon (atomic mass = 39.9 u) and neon (atomic mass = 20.2 u), the speed of sound is 363 m/s at 300K. Assume that both monatomic gases behave as ideal gases. Find the percentage of the atoms that are argon and the percentage that are neon.

I found the solution (in the attachments) but what I can't figure out is where the equation that was used in step 4 of the solution came from.

This is the equation that was used to solve the problem.
Where did it come from?

v = (v1v2(V1+ V2)1/2)/(V2v12 + V1v22)1/2
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