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Paleoclimate and mammoths

by Andre
Tags: mammoths, paleoclimate
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Oct22-08, 04:19 PM
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It was the Discovery channel feature "Raising the Mammoth", about the discovery and excarvation of the Jarkov Mammoth mummy, in northernmost Siberia, world news in 2000 that let me drop all other hobbies. Here was a riddle that begged for a solution.

The excarvated block ice and soil containing the Jarkov mammoth, lifted from its finding place

Now, this was to be an important find for a further boost of understanding the paleo climate during the ice ages and we would be informed about the progress of the research. However, then it became silent and mammoths are out now.

The much more stunning discovery of the Yukagir mammoth did not make it to the interest of Discovery Channel at all and even the exposure of mummy at the EXPO 2005 in Japan barely reached the press and it did not trigger any climate insight expectations at all. Why would that be?

The Yukagir mammoth on the EXPO 2005

In this thread I intend to demonstrate that the difficulty to fit in the mammots in the paleoclimate picture is main reason why they have been banned to the background.
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