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Statics problem

by chart47
Tags: statics
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Oct25-08, 09:53 PM
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I know you guys want my attempt at the problem but I'll be honest I'm not even entirely sure as to how to set the problem up. I have a computer problem i need to do. I'm sure i'd be able to figure this out if it weren't for the fact there is a variable which throws me off. I'm not that great at this already. If someone could at least show me the correct direction in which i need to go I'd appreciate it. the figure has been added as an attachment. My guess is I'd take the sum of the moment about A then the sum of the forces about A and B in order to solve for the forces of each member. I don't know how i would even do that being the fact that 'a' is a variable let alone plugging it into microsoft excel from 40in (1m) to 6m. would the force about AC = 0 because C is on wheels? Like i said anything would help?! thanks!

For the loading shown, determine the force in each member of the truss as a function of the dimension 'a,' Plot the force in each member for the 40in <= 'a' <= 6m, while tensile forces plotted as positive and compressive forces as negative.

Again anything would help. Doesn't have to be answer just some sort of direction?!
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