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Why does a piece of glass stick to another piece of glass?

by AirHendrix
Tags: glass, piece, stick
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Dec2-08, 06:10 PM
P: 8
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
What does a piece of glass stick to another piece of glass? We conducted a demo in school where we stuck to pieces of identical see-through glass on top of each other and they stuck together for a second or two.

2. Relevant equations
None whatsoever other than it was about "Over Polished" Substances

3. The attempt at a solution
It sticks due to their friction
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Dec2-08, 06:27 PM
HW Helper
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Air pressure would have nothing to do with it?
Dec2-08, 06:33 PM
P: 8
^ I'm sorry.... Its just that its been two weeks since that lecture and he told us just to watch it... It was a lab demo of Over Polished substances...

Dec2-08, 07:19 PM
P: 8
Why does a piece of glass stick to another piece of glass?

Sorry to ask but is it air pressure?
Dec3-08, 06:41 AM
P: 284
Why does a sucker-tipped arrow stick to a target?
Dec3-08, 07:07 AM
Sci Advisor
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Draw a free-body diagram and indicate where atmospheric pressure exerts forces. How much "atmosphere" exists between two pieces of identical highly-polished pieces of glass?

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