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Nikola Tesla

by Rick_Schwartz
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Jul15-09, 09:06 PM
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Gerry Vassilatos points out in Secrets of Cold War Technology that the Tesla Transformer is not an "electrical" device in the way commonly understood. Much of the criticism in this thread fails to recognize that Tesla was working with an impulse apparatus designed to use radiant shockwaves to produce pure voltage without current.

Both Sir Oliver Lodge and Nikola Tesla subscribed to an Ether Theory of Electrodynamics. While this is another can of worms...these are the worms needed to catch the elusive fish that Tesla and Lodge were gaming for. The model of the Quantum Vacuum as applied by Free Energy researchers like Tom Bearden is closer to the Ether Theory used by Tesla in his discoveries.

There are substantial differences from what is taught in modern university and the working model that Tesla and Lodge were using. It is this fact that should slow us down and open our minds to new possibilities.
In no way is ether theory like the quantum vacuum. The quantum vacuum is still a vacuum, devoid of real photons and matter. Ether was thought of a medium that propagated the electromagnetic wave and comes with all the consequences of a physical medium. Ideas like ether drag and such are examples of experimentally debunked properties of said ether. The fact that Tesla would work assuming an ether strongly suggests that he was still caught up in the thinking of very early electromagnetics. It should not be any surprise then that he would seriously research topics and ideas that would prove unfeasible and ridiculous by modern standards simply because we have the hindsight of many many years of research and experimentation. Carnot subscribed to the idea of calorics as being massless particles that mediated the transfer of heat. The idea is of course very wrong but he was still able to produce his ideal Carnot engine that is still a very fundamental building block of modern thermodynamic theory. You can find many ideas and theories from many of history's prominent scientists that are wrong by modern theory and experiments. Why should Tesla be any different?

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