stainless steel 409 Cb powder sintering chracteristics

by pd2905
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Feb4-09, 03:36 PM
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Hi I am doing a project on powder metallurgy. I have to design a sintering process for a component. The component is already in production it is the Hego boss (o-ring)on exhaust systems. I have a problem on finding a sintering curve for the material
stainless steel 409 Cb, (some kind of niobium steel).
I need to get at least 7.4 g final density.
I think I need to use Solid-state sintering and the Cobler model. I need to decide on how much green component to use and how long to sinter, but first i need to get the shrinkage
model. Any input on where can i find sintering curves or prameters such as self-diffusivity and surface tension of pores. Any input on this will be much appreciated.
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