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Process of applying a teflon coating

by MoonKnight
Tags: applying, coating, process, teflon
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Feb9-09, 03:01 PM
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I am currently working on a project that required a sliding surface be coated with some sort of finish which eliminates friction... the problem being clumps of wet resin getting stuck halfway down the slide...

I've done some research involving teflon coatings, but not many yield information on how to apply these coatings, there are spray on and heat treat types, but those are unavailable in my region...

if anyone knows the proper steps and precautionary measures for applying either powder or liquid coatings for teflon I am all ears... or if you have an idea that would be as good/better than what I'm trying to accomplish feel free and suggest them

the problematic resin is Zeolite (Sodium Alumina Silicate) if that matters...

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