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Seperate CO2

by negat1ve
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Mar19-09, 09:33 PM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Use the same device to separate singly charged CO2 having 12C and 14C. What are the radii of curvature?

This is a follow up question based on a HW problem I answered last week. The original problem was this:

A doubly charged helium atom is accelerated by a voltage 2700V. What will be its radius of curvature if it moves in a plane perpendicular to a uniform 0.340-T field?

2. Relevant equations

r = mv/qB

3. The attempt at a solution

I solved the original problem by saying
q = 2e for the doubly charged He

On accelerating through V volts
1/2mv^2 = qV = (2e)V

Where v = velocity acquired
v = squrt(4eV/m) = 2*squrt(eV/m)

I figured out the mass to be m = 7.26 x 10^-26kg

And then plugging into the formula.

Now this new follow up question is throwing me off a little bit. Based on the question asked and info given how would you seperate the CO2? And what would be the charge q of the CO2? Im thinking it would be the 6e from C + 8e(2) of O2 = 22e. Is this correct? Thanks!
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Mar19-09, 09:37 PM
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No it's only the extra charge you put on to isonise it - generally just one e-
Mar19-09, 09:52 PM
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Quote Quote by mgb_phys View Post
No it's only the extra charge you put on to isonise it - generally just one e-
Oh ok I get it now. Thanks!

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