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04/6/09 PHD comic: 'If TV Science was more like REAL Science'

by Greg Bernhardt
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Greg Bernhardt
Apr6-09, 11:20 PM
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Apr7-09, 01:58 AM
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Apr7-09, 05:12 AM
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LOL, especially the 4-pixel photo reconstruction.

Apr7-09, 06:10 PM
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04/6/09 PHD comic: 'If TV Science was more like REAL Science'

Let's see...

Panel 2: Not theoretically impossible, actually, assuming they were using data from a video. Mind you, it would require an extremely fast framerate and a couple of centuries of film to get much detail from four pixels.

Panel 3: They actually do use controls in many cases, and several tests include multiple data points.
Apr19-09, 08:35 PM
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Panel 1 is still not very accurate. Without a reference sample, there isn't much analysis to be done with DNA.

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