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Examples of travelling and standing waves

by Pyroadept
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May1-09, 05:47 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Give an example of a travelling wave AND a standing wave for:
1 - Disturbances along a rope
2 - Sound
3 - Light

2. Relevant equations
None I can think of

3. The attempt at a solution
Hi, could someone please tell me if these are correct and, if not, what could I say instead?

1 String - Travelling - Give one end of the rope a quick jerk up and down.
Standing - Connect a string up to a frequency generator and increase the frequency until resonance occurs in the string - there is now a standing wave in the string.

2 - Sound - Travelling - In an air-filled column with a piston at one end, move the piston back and forth.
Standing - When you play a note on a musical instrument consisting of a pipe closed at one end (e.g. a saxophone), you are creating standing sound waves.

3 - Light - Travelling - The light coming out of a torch.
Standing - Shine two torches at each other.

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May1-09, 01:39 PM
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Only thing I would say is for light mention something related to coherent & monochromatic;

perhaps a coherent & monochromatic laser at a very high quality mirror or something?

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