Biomechanics problem! Help appreciated!

by study
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May3-09, 08:16 PM
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Hey guys,

I'm having alot of trouble trying to work out this problem and don't know exactly where to start. I was wondering if someone knows how to tackle this?

A unipennate muscle of pennation angle 150 inserts into the distal bone of a hinge joint at an angle of 300. If the tension in the muscle is 550 N when the joint angle is 840, determine the rotary and stabilising components of force acting on the distal bone. If the insertion distance of the muscle from the joint is 4cm determine the muscle torque about the joint.

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May4-09, 04:59 AM
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Hi study! Welcome to PF!

First draw a force diagram, like the one here.

Then take components of force, and also take moments of force (torques) about some convenient point.

What do you get?

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