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Maple help please

by Melawrghk
Tags: maple
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Jun24-09, 03:23 PM
P: 145
So I'm trying to do a question in Maple and I'm beyond lost. I've used it before but a different version and Maple 12 is confusing as is the syntax.

Anyways, the question is:
In one ty-graph plot the solutions of y' = cos(pi*ty) for a sequence of 21 equally distributed initial points y(0) between 0 and 4.

I figured that I have to use dsolve and I wrote:
>ode:=diff(y(t),t)=cos(pi*t*y(t)) which works fine
Then, I did
But it doesn't give me an answer and just jumps to the next line. I looked at the help file but found no answers (maybe I wasn't looking hard enough).

Then I figured maybe I had to do the entire thing at once, got rid of dsolve(ode) and wrote:
>seq(dsolve(ode), t=1..4, 0.2)
But Maple said: Error, invalid input: diff received 1, which is not valid for its 2nd argument.

Can anyone give me any hint as to what to do?
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