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Order parameter, correlation function and length

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Aug23-09, 11:39 AM
P: 397
Hello people,

I don't understand the relation between those concepts, I tried to read what's written in wikipedia about them but no use.

Can someone please elaborate more about the relation between them in some intuitive manner?

Thank you :)
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Aug23-09, 03:18 PM
P: 397
Come on physicists! show me your powers :)! Please, I really need to understand this :'(.
Aug24-09, 06:10 AM
P: 397
Very well, I have an easier question though, since there is not a single comment!!!

Here is the question...

What's Newton's second law? and why do things fall down not up?

Think hard guys! it's not that easy :P

Jan30-11, 04:41 PM
P: 1
Order parameter, correlation function and length

why don't things fall up? if you will answer on it you will answer on your second question...

You should start to believe in any general physical principles which were established by experimental way (or theoretical if it was proof by experiments or predicted of course)... and if you doubt one's own eyes you should sleep more...

Best regards,

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