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Adjugate matrix

by Charles007
Tags: adjugate, matrix
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Sep1-09, 07:53 PM
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I know how to find the adjugate of 3x3 matrix. from the defination.

How to find adjugate of 2x2 matrix.

e.g A= ( 1 3 )
______( 2 4 )

adjoint .

First . we find matrix of cofactor. from the defination. (n-1)(n-1) matrix * (sign associated with the element's position).

Second, we taking the transpose we get the adj(A)

Then we find the det(A).

Finally, A^-1 = 1/det(A) * adj(A)

The inverse of A.

[itex]AA^- = A^-A=I[/itex] and A adj(A) = det(A)I

The inverse of [itex]A = det(A)I/ A^-[/itex]
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