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A question about ansoft maxwell 3D 11.1 design

by finger_eleven
Tags: ansoft, design, maxwell
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Oct10-09, 07:41 PM
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hi all,

i need some help about modeling a coil on maxwell 3D(transient analysys.).my problem is defining coil terminals.i have 6 coils(star connected) and 3 current source(star connected).i attached my work.coils are solenoid style winded.(ring style winding) and each coil has 130 turn.i design my model,i upload external circuit netlist to maxwell then i got this error when i validate my design..(by the way i try to do my analysys on transient solution type.)

"[error] Verify conduction path 'Path2': For any conduction path that has coil terminal excitation(s) specified, either exactly one internal coil terminal or two external coil terminals should be specified."

i have google it but i got nothing...
any turtorial/manual or lecture notes??or any idea how to define coil terminals?

sorry for my bad english.

please check my post :
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