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Java Scanner issues

by jjc
Tags: java, scanner
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Nov5-09, 11:46 AM
P: 21
I am having some trouble with the Java Scanner to read input from the keyboard.

I am trying to keep my input cleaned up and secure, so I am checking for the right type and value, and clearing the input buffer if it isn't. I also restart the prompt loop if it isn't right, so they can try again. I am using the .nextLine() method to clear the input buffer.

The problem that I am seeing is that I sometimes don't get a repeated prompt until I enter in a second input. Things seem to work fine without the nextLine() calls, but then I always feel like I am leaving a dangling possible problem.

I was also trying to use combinations of while(!talkToMe.hasNextInt()) loops to try and get away from my Flag system shown below, but it didn't quite seem to work so I stuck with the flags.

I have read through the Java API documentation but that didn't seem to help, and I have done other searches for explanations of the Scanner object. It just feels like I am missing some key element of how the Scanner class is working. Is it an interrupt driven thing? A sit-and-wait-for-the-input thing? These questions might be the root of it; perhaps by executing .nextLine() it is actually waiting instead of going to the next statement.

Thanks for the help,

Here is a code chunk at the moment:

private int createPin1 (String prompt) {
	int pin1=-1;
	boolean flag = false;
	while (!flag){
		talkToMe.nextLine();   //not sure if this line is going to mess things up.
		do {
			System.out.print(""+ prompt);   //Asking for pin number.
		}while (!talkToMe.hasNextInt());

		pin1 = talkToMe.nextInt();
		talkToMe.nextLine();  //not sure if this might mess things up again.
		if (pin1 <= 0){
			System.out.println("Try again; please enter an integer > 0.");
			// System.out.println(""+ prompt);
		}else flag = true;
	return pin1;
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