Variable Pitch Propeller mechanism?

by da_coolest
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Nov15-09, 09:37 AM
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I need to study about the variable pitch propeller and its mechanism of adjusting the angel of the blades. And also about the materials used to make propellers and their benefits..

can someone please help me to find sources such as images/videos about the variable pitch propeller? or please answer to those question here. I need basic information.

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Nov15-09, 04:32 PM
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Google + "variable pitch propeller" will turn up results.
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Nov15-09, 11:00 PM
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Chapter7 of this FAA Manual should get you started:

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Nov16-09, 03:19 AM
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Variable Pitch Propeller mechanism?

Quote Quote by nucleus View Post
Chapter7 of this FAA Manual should get you started:
Awesome link!
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Dec14-09, 01:24 AM
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As for materials, most are aluminum alloys, as they're fairly durable.

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