everybody builds a cars or automobile as project

by R Power
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R Power
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Nov22-09, 01:01 AM
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Hi guys
I am in a big problem. I have to make a final year project. Although am interested in automobiles(cars) and have real talent in deigning their exterior. But my friends say everybody builds a cars or automobile as project ....... make something different. What should i make?
I thought i would make a car and give it a exceptional look but i don't have access to workshops that can do fabrication.
I thought about lego mindstorms but that is too kiddy. Everything is given to you and u just assemble and it's too much electronics and computer based which i hate interfering in mechanics.
I want a carrer in automobiles cars though so should i stick to that for project?
Or if u have any idea plz give me but that shouldn't involve too much sensors or computer plz. I hate the traction control system in cars bcoz it too much based on electronics (and also decreases driving pleasure).
Plz give me a solid purely mechanical project idea involving much linkages or hydraullics or any automobile idea(better).
Plz help.

Thanx to all.:)
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Nov22-09, 06:43 PM
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You could make modifications to increase the car's fuel efficiency. Research about drag on vehicles then make yours more aerodynamic. Measure the car's MPG (miles per gallon) before and after, taking great care to keep everything the same except your mods. Research what things affect MPG (wind, tire pressure, etc).

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