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Matlab function (M-File) that will create & play a sinusoidal waveform

by makovx
Tags: matlab, sinusoid, wavefile
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Nov30-09, 05:09 AM
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I am trying to create a matlab function (M-File) that will create & play a sinusoidal waveform with the given amplitude (A), frequency (f), sampling rate (Fs), and time span (tspan). the function must produce a .wav file with a specified filename.

the matlab Function Format must be:

function mytone(A,f,Fs,tspan,filename)

I have a sample problem:
the command mytone(0.4,300,8000,3,'threehundred.wav') creates and plays a sinusoid x(t)=0.4sin(2*pi*300t) for 3 secs. the sampling rate is 8000 Hz. the resulting tone is saved with a filename threehundred.wav.

after executing the command, you must hear a low frequency tone similar to the dial tone of telephone.

I am really a newbie in using MATLAB. I hope somebody can help me.
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