"Egg Cleansing"

by zoobyshoe
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Dec2-09, 05:37 AM
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A friend of mine, whose mother grew up in a small village in Mexico, related to me her mother's story of the local "Bruja". Among other things, this woman performed an "egg cleansing" on people to rid them of bad mojo they had collected. She would rub a common chicken egg over their body, claiming that the egg was absorbing bad energy. Then, to demonstrate how much evil they had been carrying around, she would crack the egg into a bowl and it would be black. To prove it wasn't some sort of prepared egg, she had them bring their own egg from home.

Clearly she would have had ample opportunity to switch eggs while rubbing it on their backs, but I am not sure how she would make an egg turn black.

Has anyone heard of this trick? If so, how is the egg turned black?
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Dec2-09, 05:57 AM
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Make a small hole and inject dyes?
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Dec4-09, 02:04 PM
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this is a scam it has been reproduced on tv the scammer switchs the egg with a prepared egg thats rotten so it smells bad also its just slight of hand Sigfried and roy could levetate a tiger across an auditorium so dont you think someone could switch an egg? also could be egg from another animal not a chicken normally they inject rotten blood into it also which looks black and smells badd using a hypodermic needle then seal with superglue

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