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Raffle Probability

by tipsung
Tags: probability, raffle
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Dec4-09, 09:39 AM
P: 5
1,000,000 raffle tickets
9 prizes

Holding 1 ticket odds of winning 1 in 111,111.

What are the odds of winning if you hold 1,000 tickets? (Is the answer - subtract 1 from 111,111 ending with a 1 in 110,111 chance???)

What are the odds of winning more than one prize?
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Dec4-09, 05:23 PM
P: 75
The probability of winning is 1-probability of not winning. The probability of not winning is (999,991 choose 1,000)/(1,000,000 choose 1,000).

The odds of winning more than 1 prize means winning, but not winning only once. The probability of winning only once is 9*(999,992 choose 999)/(1,000,000 choose 1,000).

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