Mythbusters Bus Jump Small Scale

by SystemTheory
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Dec16-09, 11:30 PM
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Highways are not designed with launch ramp angles. The launch ramp and landing ramp point virtually right at each other.
Dave has the answer, perhaps it would be more simply stated that these aren't ramps, just 'level' sections of road with a gap in between. Imagine that the ramp was completed. No ramp would be designed to send a vehicle airborne for the distance covered by the gap in the movie, at least not at the speed the bus was going. The ramp sections are level, and given sufficient grip, a vehicle could probably take the completed version of ramp at 120 mph without going airborne. With the missing gap, the vehicle would start falling as soon as it entered the gap.
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Dec17-09, 12:27 PM
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Well, I have caught air on my motorcycle unexpectedly when crossing elevated train tracks at ordinary road speeds! But I agree a road should not have a 50 foot jump built in at 78 mph, so that part of the Myth/stunt is totally busted. In regard to getting a bus to jump 50 feet I watched the episode again last night. Grant says on the DVD release of the movie the out-takes describe (or show) the use of a pneumatic lift at the end of the launch ramp. I suspect it would impart an upward torque impulse on the front wheels to compensate for the downward torque impulse about the rear axle over the estimated time of flight.
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Dec17-09, 11:32 PM
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i did
nice job

cool, thanks Ideally I try to write something all the cool physics-y myths they do, but I've been missing a lot of them lately because of schoolwork. (Just got one up about "Unarmed and Unharmed" from last week, though, and sometime between now and this weekend I'll do the car skipping)

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