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LabVIEW simulator (Virtual electrolysis machine)

by Butterfly_grl
Tags: electrolysis, labview, machine, simulator, virtual
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Dec20-09, 09:04 AM
P: 17
Hey, I am not a professional here, I just need help with a science /physics/project.

I want to measure the hydrogen and oxygen electrolysis via radio waves. If I have all the data and I just want to create a simulation for it.. would it be considerable if I create some sort of a (Virtual Machine) via LabView that would show me the result.

The thing is, I can not afford the (radio waves machine) -- that is if it's for sale in the first place -- thus I can not obtain my results based on experiments but on numbers and calculations.


There is this student I read about who have used LabView in the same way. He observed the performance of a fuel cell using sodium borohydride in comparison to results obtained from conventional hydrogen gas. (ISEF winner)..

So I was kind of asking if that would be the same case.

Thank you in advance.
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