My death or death as a real earth non-being.

by roganov
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Jul30-04, 10:38 AM
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The death as an instant natural event is a construction which appeared two centuries ago. “Natural death” is a background for philosophy and psychology. But this construction is dead now.
Man realizes his own death. Human originality (self-being) is in the possibility to do this and in the way man does it. Birth and death belong to man and are realized by him. The problem of death is neither one of “transitory nature” of human being, nor the one of the attitude in this or that way to the fact of “natural death”.
If we seek for not only a «need-of- death», but really need to realize ours, we seek for a death which can be accessible for human actions, we seek for death which has a real place in human history, both in my own as an earth way and in a whole history of humanity. The human death is not an instant event, such inevitable natural moment, but is real earth history of a man, non-being as such. In other words, a man can “to be”, but a man can “not to be”, not leaving earth world.
The rest is a most destructive history and human rest, or earth history of non-being, develops through self-deconstruction, and only in such way, a man “committing its death”, can present in a history, in an earth world from some crucial moment of earth way.
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