Did Mars belonged in Earth's Orbit at one time?

by GaryF
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Feb16-10, 06:12 PM
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I am curious how easily my theory can be disproven... I have never heard anyone mention it, and aswell I have no knowledge to support it. I was daydreaming of what would cause a planet simular to ours, to lose all of its elemental resources. It could be the fact that I am reading a book on Lights and Optics by Kyle Kirkland that lead to my conclusion. Loss of sunlight. Is it right to assume that if a planet such as earth suddenly was put at a distance where the light from the sun was weaker, would we surley lose our elemental resources such as plants, then atmosphere, then water leaving a baren selestial body only remenisant of activity; just like Mars. So now I am here. Did Mars possibly originate in earths Orbital path, traveling on opposite ends in the same directions? This also brings the question of what would it take to put a planet out further in an orbit of further distance from the sun. Isnt it theorized that the moon was once apart of earth? what if in some instance when the moon was formed, Mars was also struck changing its orbit, further from the sun and stoping all activity on the planet... Has this ever been thought of?
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Feb17-10, 12:45 AM
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