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Mutual Inductance

by matt72lsu
Tags: inductance, mutual
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Mar9-10, 06:55 AM
P: 94
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A long solenoid (black coil) with cross-sectional area A cm^2 and length L is wound with n1 turns of wire. A time-varying current i1 flows through this wire. A shorter coil (blue coil) with n2 turns of wire surrounds it. Use (uo)(m*kg/s^2*A^2)
1) Find the value M of the mutual inductance.

Note: The current in coil 1 is constantly changing. However, when using the hints it may help you to consider the instant at which the current in coil 1 is A.

I dont exactly know how to post the image

2. Relevant equations

I used the above equation

3. The attempt at a solution
I got M = P*n1*n2*A/L but it was wrong. Not sure where I went wrong. Any help would be appreciated
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Mar9-10, 08:33 AM
P: 94
if a pic is necessary, i can probably describe it

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