annie wilkes vs. TDK version of joker , who is the more dangerous psychotic

by noblegas
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Mar11-10, 03:13 PM
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Both of the actors portrayed the psychotic characters very well and they really did not seem like they were acting at all. I have to say the annie wilkes because she killed helpless infants and she wore a cloak of deception and so you could not initially tell from her appearance and mannerism if she was psychotic from the first impression whereas the joker did not lived two lives , and you can tell from just looking at him and observing his behavior that he was a psychotic. Annie wilkes sort of lived a dr. jeklyll and mr. hyde persona and the Joker's career was being psychotic. Which psychotic character do you empathize more with? I know that you can't empathize with either of them , but if I were to choose the lesser of two evils, I have to go with the Joker because even though I know what it feels like to want to immerse yourself away from reality and into fantasy land, I can't empathize with a person who does not possess at least a semblance of a reason, even if they were more psycho than rational, for wanting to carry out the actions that annie wilkes did.
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