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Posting math equations and symbols - LaTeX

by Redbelly98
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Mar15-10, 08:06 PM
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Moderator's note: The information in this post has been superceded. Please go to
to learn how to post equations at Physics Forums.
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Members often ask how to make the nice looking math equations that they see in posts at Physics Forums. To do this, simply type equations or symbols between [itex] and [/itex]. For example, [itex] \lambda^2 [/itex] will result in [itex]\lambda^2[/itex].

For more details, keep reading...


Just getting started? Try the following two links:
The How To LaTeX pdf file

The Introducing LaTeX Math Typesetting thread, informally referred to as the LaTeX FAQ


If you wish to practice writing [itex]\LaTeX[/itex] or test some code, a sandbox is available here.
Please do not create threads in which to simply practice [itex]\LaTeX[/itex].

Additional information:
The Math & Science Software subforum, which often has active threads on LaTeX

How to type multiple lines in a single LaTeX image

You can get a drop-down menu of Latex while composing your post if you:
  • Are posting in one of the technical subforums
  • Are in Advanced Edit mode (click on "Go Advanced" to get there)
  • In Advanced Edit mode, click the icon

Simple non-LaTeX options:
Superscripts and subscripts can be entered using the and buttons while in Advanced Edit mode.

A quick-and-easy way to insert Greek letters and other math symbols in with normal text; just copy-and-paste.

We are indebted to member and former admin chroot -- whose efforts brought LaTeX to Physics Forums in the first place -- and forum admin and owner Greg Bernhardt for updating to the currently-used MathJax processor. Numerous other members have provided valuable feedback and helped with the debugging process.
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