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Magnetic field from roting static charge

by ctech4285
Tags: charge, field, magnetic, roting, static
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Mar20-10, 12:48 PM
P: 32
i want to create a strong magnetic field with a rotating static electric charge

about a 100A would do. or 100C/s

that is a huge or very fast moving charge so i was thinking of using laser printer toner in a bottle and charge it up to 10kV

since the charge of a sphere is 4pi e a, it turns out C/V (per volume) is inverse proportional to the particle size. smaller particles more charge
the toner particle size is about 5e-6m and i can put about 85e6 in a sphere with a 0.1m radius (50% air 50% toner by volume)
so that translates into 7.4e-11 C/V and at 10kV thats 1e-6C very little

are the any errors with my thinking, is there a way to increase the charge by a few orders of magnitude??
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