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[MATLAB] Annoying dice game ..Please Help...

by Judas543
Tags: annoying, dice, game, matlab
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Mar20-10, 02:16 PM
P: 6
This script looks easy but from staring at it for countless times and referring to a book, I can't figure it out...I'm really stressing out

Anyways these are the instructions...So you need 1 main script and then a function script

1.You are playing a game where you roll a die 12 times. In Matlab, you simulate each result by generating a random number between [1...6] (1 point)

2.If you run a “ONE” or a “FIVE” at least six times, you win 2 dollars, or if you run “THREE” three times you win 1 dollar. (2 points)

3.Create a Matlab script that calls a function “diceGame” (1 point) that takes in a vector representing the 12 dice values and return the amount of money won.

This is what I have right now..Missing some stuff though
What I do know that I need to have a "count"
for k = 1:12
dice_result = ceil(rand * 6);
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Mar20-10, 05:34 PM
P: 21,397
You need some logic to do this. Your loop should fill an array of size 12 with the values of the 12 rolls of the die.

The main part of your m-file should cycle through the array, looking at each value. Each For each value in the array (think for loop), if the result is 1, increment a variable (one_count). If the result is 5, increment another variable (five_count). If the result is 3, increment a variable (three_count).

After your loop, inspect these three variables. If one_count >= 6 or if five_count >= 6, you win $2. If three_count == 3, you win $1. (As stated, it appears that you don't win the dollar if three_count > 3.)

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