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System Modeling & Simulation

by Boms2005
Tags: modeling, simulation
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Apr2-10, 05:17 AM
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Hi all,

I am new to Physics Forums. Threads in the forum are excellent. As a Mechanical Engineer, It helps me to discuss about issues encountered in my work and also get to know about issues faced by others in their Engineering practice…

To solidify my understanding, I would like to know your views about System Modeling and Simulation (1D Plant modeling) and its practice across different industries…?

Pre-requisites to be a System Modeling and Simulation Engineer...? Subjects needs to be familiar with….

How modeling & Simulation are practiced in Aerospace, Automotive and Process Industries (Refinery….)? The intent behind System modeling and Simulation in these industries…?

Tools used for modeling Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Thermal Systems….?

Forums available to discuss about System Modeling related issues…? (Other than “Physics Forum”)

System Modeling and Simulation Practice in North America,Europe and Asia....?

Are there Universities offering Masters in System Modeling and Simulation…?
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