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Friends & I saw a zig-zagging star

by khz
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Oct20-11, 07:07 AM
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answers would help alot cheers
Not to be disrespectful, but the traditionally preferred explanation from USAF Blue Book astronomer J Allen Hynek on down is that you and the others were watching reflections off a duck's butt.

What you were doing - looking up into the night sky - is the easiest and most reliable way to see a "UFO". It's helpful to be sober, select a remote location far from city lights, then spend several nights acclimatizing to cold temperatures, late hours and becoming familiar with patterns of satellites and aircraft passing above. It won't take long for you to easily recognize the anomalous lights. When/if you start getting the impression that the lights are responding to your thoughts, it's time to pack your gear, go home and find another hobby.

If you are serious about the few real answers from the few scientists and engineers who have professionally investigated UFO's fairly close up with good equipment, please see the entries on Hessdalen lights and Yakama lights in the "Electrical Eccentricities?" thread. I can also recommend the book, "Project Identification", by PhD physicist Harley Rutledge, whose team was commissioned to perform a multi-year study of anomalous lights in Missouri. Zig-zagging "stars" were among the phenomena he studied and wrote about. I bought this book for $9 on amazon.

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Feb19-12, 12:28 PM
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In 2011 (month not known) while lying outside at night in my village in Pakistan, i saw a star like object moving in a zig zag path. it was moving very fast across the sky and i observe it for about 1 minute. i also saw other satellites moving across the sky but not in a zig zag path with such a high speed. this was the first and the last time i saw a star like object moving in a zig zag path with high speed. i also saw meteoroides falling from the sky but they follow a straight path and vanishes away quickly. the only thing in my mind is UFO. becoz satellites cant achieve such a high speed while moving in a zig zag path. im not a physicist but have knowledege about satellites and space.

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