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Fluid mechanics :fluid in motion

by gikwiye
Tags: fluid, mechanics, motion
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Apr24-10, 05:07 AM
P: 16
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
a vertical, 1cm-diameter jet of water impinges upon a bathroom scale such that the latter exhibits a reading of 5 kg. Estimate the volume flow rate of the jet.

2. Relevant equations
Q(volume flow rate)=U*A(area where the jet of water is applied on)
P=(rho*UČ)/2 (if we consider that the pressure applied on the scale by the jet is essentially dynamic pressure) (don't know if this is correct though)

3. The attempt at a solution
let's calculate A first
then let's change the kg into Newtons:
P is F/A therefore: P=49.05/(2.5*10^(-5))=624.523kpa
with P=(rho*UČ)/2 if find U=35.341m/s
and with
Q(volume flow rate)=U*A(area where the jet of water is applied on)
I find Q=2.7756 l/s
just wanna know if I should include the atmospheric pressure or not
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Apr25-10, 09:26 AM
P: 16
found it

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