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True Derivation of Wien's Law

by Math Jeans
Tags: derivation, wien
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Math Jeans
Apr26-10, 04:40 PM
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Just for clarification, I am referring to the Wien distribution law, and not Wien's Displacement Law.

I understand the fact that the law can easily be derived by treating is as a high-frequency limit of Planck's radiation formula, however, this is incredibly frustrating to me. Why? Wien's law was derived 4 years BEFORE Planck's radiation formula, and all of the derivations of Wien's law that I can find on the internet are based off of Planck's law.

I'm currently doing a research project on Blackbody radiation, and in order to keep a coherent timeline, I really need a derivation without the use of a formula which did not exist in 1896.

Any thoughts/sources?
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