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Undergrad. Chem/Math Major: Numerical Analy. or Stat. Theory Course?

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Apr27-10, 04:15 PM
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Hey There,

I was just wondering if there were any people available on the site who could give me advice for which course to take in the upcoming fall 2010 semester. I'm an undergraduate chemistry and math major, nearing the end of my studies (1 year remaining). I have a math elective to consider, and was wondering if I should use it for Statistical Theory (which requires one term of Probability Theory, which I've completed) or Numerical Analysis (which requires a semester of computer science, which I've completed), or even Differential Geometry. I'm looking to go into graduate theoretical chemistry, p.chemistry, or chemical physics.

This is my training in mathematics as of now:

Calculus I-IV
Mathematical Theory
Diff. Equations
Partial Diff. Equations
Linear Algebra I & II
Probability Theory I
Complex Analysis
Abstract Algebra
Real Analysis

What do you think? Anything you suggest that I did not mention other than Stat. Theory/Num./Diff.Geo?

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